10 Reasons Why Nannies Are Great for Large Families
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Nannies are sometimes seen as an extravagant childcare choice reserved solely for the very wealthy, which is certainly not always the case. While there are nannies with doctorates that specialize in the high-dollar market, there are also a wide variety of wonderful private caregivers on a more affordable scale. For families with several children, here are 10 reasons why nannies are ideal for large families.

  1. Even Stay-at-Home Parents May Need Help With a Large Brood – Parents that have several children might require assistance, even when one parent is of the stay-at-home variety. In this situation, a professional nanny can be a blessing, as they provide an extra pair of hands and an additional set of eyes to help avert most disasters.
  2. Infant Multiples Seem Impossible to Handle Without Outside Help – Caring for multiple infants can be incredibly demanding. When more than two babies are involved, simply keeping everyone fed can be a challenge. This is where a nanny or newborn care specialist comes in. Most work alongside new parents, helping them to establish routines and learn to meet the needs of several demanding babies.
  3. Ensuring That Each Child’s Needs Are Met – Households with many children of varying ages can be difficult to manage, and when simply ensuring that each child’s basic needs are met is a challenge, seeing that their emotional needs are met can be impossible. With a professional nanny who is accustomed to caring for several children is introduced, everyone will be fed, watered and sheltered, allowing parents to spend time meeting needs of the emotional variety.
  4. One More Watchful Eye on Older Children – The older children get, the sneakier they become. When there are enough siblings to keep parents distracted, the opportunities for slipping away and getting into trouble are almost endless. With a nanny, there’s an experienced adult watching who’s probably seen it all and knows how to keep kids out of trouble.
  5. Professional Nannies Take it All in Stride – Working as a nanny for an extended period of time has a way of making a person unflappable, which is exactly what busy parents with a large brood need. As the chaos and minor catastrophes of each day arise, a veteran nanny can power through without breaking a sweat, keeping everyone safe and happy.
  6. Extracurricular Activities Can Be a Killer – Managing the schedules and transportation for all of your children’s different activities can be downright impossible; no one can be in four places at once! By engaging a nanny, parents have one more person on their team whose sole task is managing and caring for the youngest members of the family.
  7. Organization – When school and extracurricular activities end each day, kids are likely to have a passel of papers to notify parents of upcoming events, special days and other important dates. Unfortunately, working parents are usually out of the home when school let’s out, meaning that those papers can get lost or thrown away before they return home. This can lead to missed events and chaos. Experienced nannies can help with the scheduling and calendar of events, ensuring that parents don’t miss out on big moments in their kids’ lives due to a lost piece of paper.
  8. Keeping Parents Updated – A short meeting with the nanny each evening can leave parents filled in on the big events of the day. This daily run-down is even more essential when there are several children in the equation. Where daycare providers might be aloof and disinterested in the little things that make up a child’s day, a good nanny will not only care, but will also remember to share them with parents so they’re kept in the loop.
  9. Maintaining Order – At a certain point in large families, parents can feel more like referees than anything else. When a veteran nanny assumes a post, one of the first things she’ll do is establish boundaries and order that compliment her employers’ parenting style and fit the needs of the household.
  10. Genuine Love For the Profession – Nannies that don’t absolutely love working with kids usually aren’t called “nannies” for very long. When you engage a seasoned, experienced nanny to help with your large family, you can bet that she genuinely cares about children and has the skills to keep them happy and safe when you’re not home.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary nanny to help ease you through the birth and infancy of multiples or need a more permanent fixture to assist in the running of a large household, it’s important to remember that nannies are only responsible for chores and tasks directly related to childcare, unless specifically agreed upon in a written nanny contract.

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